Beginner's Guide to Rattan Ring | Tutorial

Any serious martial arts practitioner knows that using the right tools for the right job is important. If you want to develop power you need to use a heavy bag. If you want to strengthen your fist for bareknuckle striking you use an iron palm bag. If you want to develop speed and coordination you use a speed bag. Rattan Rings are used to develop powerful forearms and strong shoulders. Unlike Mook Jong (wooden man) that are used for similar purposes the ring offers the practitioner the ability to utilize footwork as well as give feedback to both hands during practice. The ring turns forearms into weapons and strengthens shoulders for combat endurance. However, the ring is no simple tool. It is challenging to learn in much the same way as learing to use a speed bag. It requires patience, focus, and coordination in order to use effectively.    

Regardless of your martial art system the Rattan Ring is a must have for solo training. This video will teach you everything you need to know in order to use the ring proficiently. You will learn the benefits of different sized rings and materials like rattan, wood, and steel. You will learn to control the ring with three hand positions and five transitions. You will learn drills and combat applications that translates directly from the ring to self-defense.


Duration: 1hr3min
Size: ~ 800mb
Format: .mp4 (Will work with PC and Apple products. ) 


Ring Sizes
Ring Materials
Hand Positions
Transitions 1-5
Practice Drills
Bonus Material
- Sample Workout
- Iron Bridge Exercise
- Classroom Footage

Beginner's Guide to Rattan Ring | Tutorial




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