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"The ring is an enigma that only the warrior in solitude can solve."

Volumes 1-3 | DVD

$1̶20̶  $108

With all three volumes you'll learn the whole progression of skills. From the warm ups, stretching, defensive hands, offensive hands, to the rattan ring form each video builds upon the material presented to allow you to progress and improve your skill. You'll learn how to use different sized rings and their function. The warrior trains in solitude but the results cannot be hidden. 

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SPM Ring Vol.I
Rattan Ring Training Series
14" Rattan Ring
Vertical Bridge | Rattan Ring
Section 1 Warm Ups & Iron Body

Ring Training Volume 1 | DVD

Video 1 Contents: Learn to use the Rattan Ring with a variety of drills and exercises. This video contains Warmup Exercises, Stretching, Core and Short Power Exercises, Iron Body Conditioning,  Single Bridge, Double Bridge, and Combination Hand Techniques. 

Runtime: 1.5hr

Format: DVD


Volume II DVD
Volume II Splash Intro
Hand Positions

Ring Training Volume 2 | DVD


Video 2 Contents:  Learn to use the Rattan Ring with a variety of drills and exercises. This video contains Sensitivity Drills, Aggressive Hand Techniques, Defensive Hand Techniques, and Dynamic Strength Exercises.
Runtime: 1.5hr

Formats: DVD


Rattan Ring Volum III
Rattan Ring Training Series
Body And Mind Training
Fighting Pressure
Double Bridge Spear Hand Strike
Tutorial Review

Ring Training Volume 3 | DVD

Video 3 Contents:  This video covers the Mantis Ring Form based on the Southern Praying Mantis combat system. The Mantis Ring Form is like a dictionary for techniques and combat principles. It covers over 50 techniques and breaks down the form into 5 sections. Ring training is valuable for conditioning, hand positioning, and sensitivity. 
Runtime: 1hr 22min

Formats: DVD


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