Ring Fundamentals | Tutorial

Loads of information! This recorded online class is full of everthing you need to know about using the ring for combat training. Even if you already have the Beginner's Guide to Rattan Ring this class has even more drills and information that were not included.  You will learn about different training styles, the benefits of large and small rings, and loads of drills to get you started. The ring is a training tool like a speed bag, wooden man, or iron palm bag. Like most combat training tools the ring is not style specific but some  styles have drills with the ring that are rooted in their systems. This class breaks down the ring in a way that anyone can benefit from it. The ring is a perfect way to improve your solo training. It offers feedback during shadow boxing and weaponizes the forearms for close combat .


Total Length of video 1:17

Ring Fundamentals | Tutorial




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