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Circle of Death ⭕️☠️ | Tutorial

Circle of Death ⭕️☠️ | Tutorial



This hour long training session covers the Circle of Death training sequence. Combining footwork drills with striking sequences from Chinese and Western Boxing practitioners of any art will find this tutorial hits all the important aspects of solo training. You'll never be the same after passing through the Circle of Death!

The training session is broken down into two stages: #1 Orientation #2 Execution

In the orientation stage you practice the skills you will use in the execution stage. There are five groups of skill you will work on. Each skill will either highlight coordination, explosiveness, strength, fluidity, or iron bridge conditioning. The execution stage is about time under tension. Through specific training protocols the practitioner will drill each of the 5 skill groups with prescribed time intervals.


The Circle of Death Challenge is to complete as many rounds of all 5 skills groups as you can. Start with 2 rounds and see if you can make it to 6 (1 hour).  Good Luck!